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Officially LA’s Best Salon! For Blondes

Mapped: LA’s Best Hair Salons for Stylish Cuts, Colors, and More

We have been featured by Danielle Directro-Meston of @rackedLA as LA’s Best Hair Salons! Obviously for Blondes… Thanks for the LOVE!

Check out the article here

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LADIES! “Temporary” Color Does NOT Apply to Blondes!!!

To all my light blonde lovelies:

Wash-out” color does not always wash out!!

Temporary” color can stain for months!!

The “semi” in “semi-permanent” means it’s still partially permanent!!

A client I did with PROFESSIONAL color which ended up washing all of the way out within 2 months:


If you aren’t a real punk rocker and you don’t want your hair to stay purple (or whatever the color fades to), there are a few rules I’m going to post here in case you care enough to think twice before going HAM with blue dye before Coachella.

1) Stick with pastels! If the color resembles a baby blanket, that is most likely safe!

2) Google any type of product/color/hair chalk you are planning on using, BEFORE you use it.


“Does _______ wash out of hair?”

3) Make sure all porous/super light parts of your hair have some moisture in them. Spray some detangler or leave in conditioner on those areas before applying any of those personality enhancing colors! Even putting some coconut oil on damaged areas, then washing your hair before application will help to keep the color from grabbing super dark there :).

4) Buy a wig instead!!! Or clip in extensions in a rainbow of fruit flavors!
*Self explanatory.

5) Ask a brunette friend if you should. If she says yes, don’t do it. Since all Brunettes secretly want to be blonde, they will try and sabotage your perfect blonde locks. Brunettes probably invented hair chalk.

If you are already in this predicament, please see the upcoming post I am going to write about Malibu Packets!

Gotta Go! This wine ain’t gonna drink itself!!


Caitlin ❤



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Getting’ Round Like a Round Brush…. The Right Way.

I wish I could transport myself to each and every Blonde Angeleno’s home after they get out of the shower…. To help them dry their hair! Wet hair? I care!

I’ve preached about how you shampoo, condition, and blow dry your hair. Why not get controlling about the brushes you use WITH the Elchim 2001 dryer I forced you to purchase?

I know you aren’t a professional hair stylist. I just want you to play one on TV… 😉

These are the tried and true easiest round brushes that any regular human or half human half blonde can use and get great results with.

IBIZA round brushes. They are user friendly and will help you blow out your hair easier. Promise.


This brush is perfectly called

B5 Blonde Extended Cork Round Brush (Extra Large)

It does not matter they are calling the bristles blonde… We all know they really meant that this brush was meant for blondes. The best thing about this brush is that it detangles as you use it for blow drying. Most round brushes will knot your hair because the bristles are much closer together and do not allow room for separating your beautiful, golden, shiny, flaxen locks. Those other brushes are such haters. We got no ime for them.


Now…. let me also introduce a “splurge” brush… It is for when your hair is wet or dry, and all of my clients know this one.

The best of the best detangler, it works on extensions, coarse hair, thin hair, tangly over processed hair, and long ass down-to-your-butt-hair.

YS Park makes this. Good luck finding it… In Los Angeles we have Naime’s in the Valley… Everywhere else you have Amazon. Which does not always have it. (I just looked online and it seems there’s a few (probably illegal) sites that you can purchase this brush on without being a professional).






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How a blow dryer affects your love life…?

Okay Blonde Bombshell Beautiful Babes!!!!

Good hair=confidence=sex appeal=active love life !

The one thing I love about keeping Los Angeles blonde is the confidence I see come over my clients when their hair is just done.  It’s the same confidence you have when you’re wearing a perfect outfit or you walk up to the front of a line and the bouncer opens the rope to let you in before anyone else, and we all know confidence=sex appeal.

What about walking around every day with that kind of confidence?  So many of my clients tell me that they “can’t blow dry” their hair like I do, and I alway exclaim, “It’s not me, it’s the blow dryer“!  It will make your hair look the best you’ve been able to blow dry it yourself.

This is it below, the Elchim 2001. Use the nozzle.  Blow in the direction from roots to ends.  Use the nozzle.  It gets super hot so keep it moving around; don’t let it sit on one area of your hair for too long.  Use the nozzle.


The heat and force of the air from this blowdryer is what makes the difference.  It smooths down the hair’s cuticle and makes it shiny and moveable. Do not spend over $100 on this.  You can find it for that or less online.  Also make sure it is the Elchim 2001, not a different make/model! I know the websites say the others are a new and improved version but for some reason, they do not work the same.  They come with a one year warranty but if anything happens after that, I have a guy.  Message me for his info he will fix any broken hot tool or blow dryer and he’s in Los Angeles!  We love him.

Well it’s 85 out I’m going to the pool with my BFF Brittany!  Who is also blonde, duh!





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Cold water rinses, ladies!!


For those of us BLONDES residing in the City of Angeles, we can use all the help we can get when it comes to keeping our hair full of life and bounce. The copper and chlorine in our water is relentlessly dulling and yellowing our hair. It sucks. Trying to keep it shiny is one of the requests I hear most. I have not researched any of this information as it pertains to brown or red hair because who even cares about that anyways. My solutions are as follows:

1) Cold Water Rinse. I know its friggin cold, so get out of the tub and stick you head under the faucet or if you have a shower head that detaches do it that way…. I have looked extensively online and asked a wide variety of my clients and everyone says it works. Not just for the shine, but also apparently it dramatically helps with keeping tangles at bay.

2) LA ladies! Shower filter. Now. No excuses. It will change your hair, skin, and life. In that order.

3) Check your hair dressers color. Not on their head, but what color they’re actually using on YOURS. I know there are lots of tricks and glosses and blah blah but just ask. And then google it. Read reviews. I have never ever found another color line as reflective and shiny as Framesi Framcolor 2001 but I would love to hear if there is one.

4) We’re all broke. But if you’re broke like TRESŚEME broke, then you need to clarify your hair. Cheap conditioners have cheap waxes that make your hair feel soft to the touch but will build up over time and it will be dulls-ville. Since you’re broke, get into the kitchen and grab your dish soap. Not dishwashing detergent– just the liquid dish soap. Wash your hair with that.* Repeat. Condition. This time not with the cheap stuff. My hair is always super shiny after a good clarifying!

Love and reflective blonde hair blown by a fan,


*Do NOT do this if it has been less than a week after a color service, or at all if you have had a Brazilian Blowout or keratin treatment! ❤

This is a Source T-3 shower filter. You can buy it online. However, Sephora sells it and I trust them more than a random web store, and they stand behind their products.

This is a Source T-3 shower filter. You can buy it online. However, Sephora sells it and I trust them more than a random web store, and they stand behind their products.

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Purple shampoo and why you probably need it.

For the 90% of us that don’t have perfectly balanced peaches and cream toned skin, having golden blonde hair around your face can make you look washed out, ruddy, or even a lovely (ew) hue of orange.

In order to combat yellow, brassiness that can start showing up between salon visit, we have your answer! Purple Shampoo, Yes Purple!

L’anza Silver Brightening Shampoo 

Tip: Can be used at full strength or for first times, mix with your daily shampoo.

Helpful hints: If you blonde is platinum, you may experience strong violet tones. Make sure to mix with your daily shampoo and apply evenly throughout hair… Unless you like the violet blonde look!

Caution: If you have a white porous shower, wall, or tub make sure to rinse off any purple shampoo well!

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In Blonde We Trust

If you have blonde hair, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to maintain the exact shade that keeps you looking youthful, awake, confident, and desirable.  I mean— having a tone of blonde hair that isn’t quite perfect is of course better than having brown hair— but why not spend every day with your light locks in your ideal shade?

My name is Caitlin Richardson and I have spent the last 10 years trying, testing, experimenting, and troubleshooting products, styles, colors, and tools that compliment blonde hair.  Since I am also a blonde hair color specialist in the shiny yet grimy town of Los Angeles, I consider myself to be more than an expert when it comes to all things blonde. I’ve seen it all, corrected the worst nightmares, and really understood when women come to me feeling like they’re crazy for needing thier hair to be the precise shade of blonde they need to feel themselves! I am here because I want- no- NEED to share all these little tips and secrets with everyone. We all know it hurts to see a bad blonde color job…but for me it burns my eyeballs and then they drip down my face and as a result I go tell 15 small children that Santa isn’t real.

Here’s to Blonde hair and Christmastime!!!!


Caitlin ❤

P.S. For this blog I will use the female version of the word blonde itself, but men, just drop the “e” at the end and pretend you’re included 🙂 !


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