In Blonde We Trust

If you have blonde hair, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to maintain the exact shade that keeps you looking youthful, awake, confident, and desirable.  I mean— having a tone of blonde hair that isn’t quite perfect is of course better than having brown hair— but why not spend every day with your light locks in your ideal shade?

My name is Caitlin Richardson and I have spent the last 10 years trying, testing, experimenting, and troubleshooting products, styles, colors, and tools that compliment blonde hair.  Since I am also a blonde hair color specialist in the shiny yet grimy town of Los Angeles, I consider myself to be more than an expert when it comes to all things blonde. I’ve seen it all, corrected the worst nightmares, and really understood when women come to me feeling like they’re crazy for needing thier hair to be the precise shade of blonde they need to feel themselves! I am here because I want- no- NEED to share all these little tips and secrets with everyone. We all know it hurts to see a bad blonde color job…but for me it burns my eyeballs and then they drip down my face and as a result I go tell 15 small children that Santa isn’t real.

Here’s to Blonde hair and Christmastime!!!!


Caitlin ❤

P.S. For this blog I will use the female version of the word blonde itself, but men, just drop the “e” at the end and pretend you’re included 🙂 !


BLONDE / BLOND | 2016 | All rights reserved | 1054 S Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90019

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