So. I have been noticing over the last few months that I have not adequately been giving a thorough “how-to” when it comes to the use of purple shampoo either in person or on any of our social media platforms.  (Very 2020 of me. Sorry! 😐

ATTENTION: These instructions apply to all of you using a DARK purple shampoo. I’m talking one that stains your hands and shower/tub purple if there are white tiles or the tub is white. Or if there is while caulking between any color of tiles lol.  The kind that gets your hair nice and white-ish-grey-ish-silver-ish. (Today, that is a word.)


PRO TIP:  Purple shampoo DOES NOT replace your regular shampoo. It works more like a toner of sorts….a tool to beat brassiness and yellowness, not to necessarily clean your hair. This means:

HOW-TO TIP:  Use your purple shampoo in correlation with your regular moisturizing shampoo, in this order:

1. Wash hair with regular shampoo once or twice, depending on how dirty
it is.

2.  Then “wash” your hair with the purple shampoo, making sure it is evenly
distributed throughout your hair…(it will stain an area violet if you glob
it on in one spot before rubbing it around).

        -Note! Make sure your hair has a good amount of water in it before
        application of the purple shampoo will help it spread evenly 🙂

3.  If there is a certain area that is more yellow or brassy, then just use the purple shampoo on that area.  I suggest getting out of the shower and using the mirror to help see you’re putting in on the right spot.

4.  Leave it on for up to 10-15 minutes depending on how dark you want
the violet to soak into your hair.

5.  Rinse thoroughly- until the water is pretty clear of any violet, and then
use a really good hydrating conditioner.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions on the comment area of this posting in case I have forgotten something or you have additional questions about info I have already given!



My personal favorites. Emme Diciotto and Lanza’s silver shampoos.

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  1. Halona says:

    Very helpful – thank you!

  2. Ivana Cocktail says:

    So its 10-15 minutes in my hair? Maybe that’s been my problem & why I cant rid the brassiness? thx I will try tonite!!

  3. Judy says:

    So then what about the purple conditioner? Just use. It like any other conditioner?

  4. Mrs.Jennifer Hendryx says:

    Thank you very much

  5. Josefina says:

    Saludos yo uso shampoo purple y me deja las raices negra en la parte de la nuca me pueden ayudar gracias..

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