Purple shampoo and why you probably need it.

For the 90% of us that don’t have perfectly balanced peaches and cream toned skin, having golden blonde hair around your face can make you look washed out, ruddy, or even a lovely (ew) hue of orange.

In order to combat yellow, brassiness that can start showing up between salon visit, we have your answer! Purple Shampoo, Yes Purple!

L’anza Silver Brightening Shampoo 

Tip: Can be used at full strength or for first times, mix with your daily shampoo.

Helpful hints: If you blonde is platinum, you may experience strong violet tones. Make sure to mix with your daily shampoo and apply evenly throughout hair… Unless you like the violet blonde look!

Caution: If you have a white porous shower, wall, or tub make sure to rinse off any purple shampoo well!

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