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Purple Shampoo How-To

Hey Guys!

I’ve been noticing lately that quite a few of my clients have had some issues with using their purple shampoo!

-Some of you have been only using purple shampoo and no regular shampoo at all! (Too drying).

-Some of you have been using a small amount of shampoo without distributing it evenly! (Too little and confined to one area).

-Some of you *gasp* haven’t been using it at all!!! (Ha ha, I know not all of you want or need it 🙂 !)



Instructions on: How To Use Purple Shampoo ❤

1) Clean your hair thoroughly with a regular shampoo.

– This means you can use clarifying shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, dandruff shampoo, whatever. However, try not to       clarify your hair more than every 7 washes.

2) Determine how much violet/blue/silver tone you want deposited in your blonde.

– You can control how much of the pigment will be deposited! This is usually a game of trial and error, but you can play it safe but adding a small amount of the purple shampoo in to your regular shampoo. This time I’m going to request that you use a daily moisturizing shampoo. You can mix about a quarter much purple as regular, and move up to half as much and then equal parts. I’m not suggesting that you do this all in the same shower. Just over time if you are super concerned about having violet hair :).

– if this is your first time, get out of the shower and apply it in front of the mirror. If the mirror is foggy, mix some soap with water and wipe your mirrors down so you can see yourself LOL. Wipe away suds and kind of see what color your hair is as the minutes go by. Probably 4-5 minutes is enough, if you are using enough percentage of purple.

3) Decide what areas of your hair you would like the violet tones to deposit.

– This is going be different for everyone. Example: my ends are brassy from old color, so I want to make sure as much purple is deposited in the ends as is on the root area! It sounds funny, but the suds that come down from the top where you apply it are not purple enough to make that much of a difference in your ends. (Unless they are extensions. Then that shit is going to turn silver-gray immediately.) To do this, apply new handfuls of the purple shampoo to the ends as much as the top.

– If you have super blonde extensions, put those back in a clip and keep the purple off of them until you decide you want to let it get on them. I’d say about 20 seconds before you plan to rinse you hair as a rule of thumb ;).

– If you have certain areas of your hair that are yellow, just add the purple shampoo to those areas. If you have streaks of yellow mixed in with the white, neutral or ashy ones, beware… the non-yellow ones will pick up the pigment as well and you can have more obvious golden tones against super ashy ones… -___- Blech.

4) Find the right brand of “purple” shampoo that is right for your hair!

These are kind of my own rules for ones I’m familiar with:


L’anza Silver Brightening Shampoo

– for hair with light yellow tones to dark yellow tones, not orange and not white, unless you want grayish hair

– doesn’t make the hair too shiny but doesn’t make it flat, either.. easy to mix with other shampoos to control color

Shmr_Shmp_16oz copy

Clairol Shimmer Lights

– for hair with yellow and orangey tones

– is shiny! don’t know how they do it but its a bit shiny 🙂

– a bit harder to mix w other shampoo in your hands, it has a thinner consistency compared to others


Unite BLONDA Toning Shampoo

– has a bit more violet tone than gray-violet so it can make your white pretty “icy”

– smells like grape bubblegum YUM!


Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner

– The only purple conditioner I recommend

– Be careful it can get a bit inky

– Is very moisturizing and reminds me of cocoa butter 🙂

– put on evenly! (or mix w another conditioner) also condition after as well

Okay I’m sure I’m forgetting something but I’m so sick of talking about purple shampoo right now……. !!

Love and Shades of Silver and Violet!!! ❤

Caitlin The Queen of the Blondes


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How To Talk To A New Colorist To Get Your Point Across!!!

So you made an appointment with a new colorist!
Congratulations! You must need it. It’s never easy to put your trust in someone for the first time; especially if that person is wielding a bowl of bleach and a tint brush. (Unless it’s me because I am a blonde-magician from heaven above.) Let’s make this easier for you. I myself am non-confrontational and have sat through a hair appointment that I had a bad feeling about from the get-go, but didn’t have the guts to say something!

1) List all past experiences and color “jobs” you weren’t happy with, and why.

2) Bring pictures of yourself from a time you liked your hair color! If you never have, or if you are wanting a new color, bring pictures of someone with that color– pictures of real people, (not models in an advertisement), are more helpful because they are not photoshopped or under photography lighting.

3) Be honest with your hair colorist and yourself about your hair. Different shades of blonde look different on other people because of the thickness of their hair or the texture, (ie curly, straight, beachy, voluminous, piecey, etc). I assume since you are reading this blog that I don’t even have to mention the fact that the blonde hair in a photo will not transform your face and body into the model in the image ;).

4) Have realistic expectations. Are you going to a blonde specialist? Are you willing to sit for however many hours it will take for a correction? Are you on a budget and need to only do one step at a time due to financial restrictions? Don’t be embarrassed to ask the price! We have ALL been there! Hello! The reason you need an expert in the first place is probably because you wete trying to cut corners in the cost department— whether it was a friend, a less expensive colorist, or *gasp* you went ahead and tried to do it yourself ;).

Did I mention PICTURES!?

I like to think any colorist who really cares about the result when coloring a client’s hair is open to pictures of color and tones of blonde a new client want to achieve. Be sure to point out the different areas of a picture that you like— a lot of times there are bright parts and shadowed parts. You can point to different hues and show which you would like for the highlight or lowlight or how much contrast between the two!

Here’s to keeping it real and upfront when declaring your needs to a new colorist! You deserve to get out of he shower, put on some makeup (or not!), your favorite outfit, and dry your hair to the best and shiniest shade of blonde that you love. Add a cocktail or two, and you’re ready to walk into any room and run that shit.

Love and Purple Shampoo,

Caitlin the Blondemaster Genius 🌟






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The Blonde Way To Tie It Up!

Me!? With a bun on top of my head? No…well…yes….most days.

My job is to keep my Los Angeles blondes looking good, so I don’t always feel like “doing” my own hair. This is fine– and even fashionably acceptable!  However, a few key rules keep me looking casually cool instead of whimsically white trash.

Putting your hair up into a messy bun?  Make sure to have have the right tools.

I have gathered some examples of what you should use to be “casually cool” when actually being a really gorgeous lazy blonde. Think about it; you can wear a cute outfit made up of all your favorite brands, but if your hair is in a bun with a black hairband, it will contrast against your light locks. If you need to put aside the bangs you and your BFF thought would look so good on you, (after 6 glasses of rosé), yet you did it with a black or brown bobby pin, you won’t get away with it!  But you could of!  With a blonde colored bobby pin!

Get these. Get multiple orders. Don’t run out. I can wear my hair in a bun even with a Theory pantsuit and Saint Laurent loafers and still look like i didn’t borrow the outfit from my mom.  Since my hair tie and pins are unnoticeable… because they match my hair.


Those are enough examples, I’m sure you can find them or others through the magical world of google!


Love and Blonde Hair Ties and Pins!

Caitlin ❤


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Send Me an Angel… Just Make Sure She’s Blonde!

I have found another shampoo and conditioner that I can actually recommend. Actually, it’s an entire brand that I’m obsessed with, but this is first and foremost blonde like us!

Kevin Murphy, the Aussie Angel has another fantastic product that I had embarrassingly not tried until recently. I know I get stuck on certain products for blonde hair, but its only because great ones rarely come out!

We have talked about the L’anza purple shampoo (which i still have in my shower and love love love), but here is a little upgrade for us “Angeles Blondes”.


Remember… if you have hair that hasn’t been washed for mare than 36 hours, use a regular shampoo before the purple one, and if your hair is extra dry, follow up the purple conditioner with a regular condition after…!  Yes, conditioning twice is allowed and also super helpful, especially in Los Angeles water…ew. If you don’t have a shower filter please skip to [shower filter posting] and get one.  Your hair and skin will thank you a lot!!!

Love and Purple Shampoo and Extra Conditioner!!




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How a blow dryer affects your love life…?

Okay Blonde Bombshell Beautiful Babes!!!!

Good hair=confidence=sex appeal=active love life !

The one thing I love about keeping Los Angeles blonde is the confidence I see come over my clients when their hair is just done.  It’s the same confidence you have when you’re wearing a perfect outfit or you walk up to the front of a line and the bouncer opens the rope to let you in before anyone else, and we all know confidence=sex appeal.

What about walking around every day with that kind of confidence?  So many of my clients tell me that they “can’t blow dry” their hair like I do, and I alway exclaim, “It’s not me, it’s the blow dryer“!  It will make your hair look the best you’ve been able to blow dry it yourself.

This is it below, the Elchim 2001. Use the nozzle.  Blow in the direction from roots to ends.  Use the nozzle.  It gets super hot so keep it moving around; don’t let it sit on one area of your hair for too long.  Use the nozzle.


The heat and force of the air from this blowdryer is what makes the difference.  It smooths down the hair’s cuticle and makes it shiny and moveable. Do not spend over $100 on this.  You can find it for that or less online.  Also make sure it is the Elchim 2001, not a different make/model! I know the websites say the others are a new and improved version but for some reason, they do not work the same.  They come with a one year warranty but if anything happens after that, I have a guy.  Message me for his info he will fix any broken hot tool or blow dryer and he’s in Los Angeles!  We love him.

Well it’s 85 out I’m going to the pool with my BFF Brittany!  Who is also blonde, duh!





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If I Could Marry a Conditioning Treatment…

…This here would be my wife.

Her name is Nigelle, but I usually call her by her pet name, “Fluffy Feel”.

This here conditioning treatment is by far the BEST I’ve ever used. It’s so good I only use it once a month because I am paranoid that maybe I’ll build up a tolerance to it! (Although I don’t think that’s an actual “thing”….)

The salons that sell it are few and far between, so unless you have some seriously high end beauty supply in your area, you may only be able to find it on amazon.

The brand name is Nigelle and the product name is the Fluffy Feel Treatment

The brand name is Nigelle and the product name is the Fluffy Feel Treatment

I don’t towel dry my hair before applying this since it is pretty thick and I usually need the excess water as a solute to be able to work a small amount through my hair (and extensions). But definitely wring it out pretty good. Start at the last 1/4 of your hair, and then work up to cover about the last 3/4 of your hair by raking your fingers through it. Leave it on as long as you can stand… Either hang in the shower and enjoy the steam, or clip it up and walk around the house for a bit before going back to rinse. Leave a hand towel around your neck, because if the treatment drips onto your neck and shoulders, you will need to wash it off again. It’s pretty heavy.


I’m out!

xoxoxo Caitlin

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Why White Teeth Are SO Important For Blondes and How To Get Them

Hey Blonde Angels!!!

I was trying to find a picture of myself for OKCUPID (yay!) the other day and I couldn’t figure out why I hated all my recent pics!!

Of course, I just assumed I was just getting older, or fatter (yikes!), or maybe because it was winter, my skin was paler so I didn’t have a “glow” to my skin.  Then, when going back to pictures from this last summer, I realized it was my TEETH!  I haven’t used my whitestrips since then!

When your hair is blonde, you do NOT want your teeth matching it!!

The regime is a tried and true and tested regimen that me and my girls all use, but remember! You have to use all 3 of the dental products for it to work, and the makeup highlighter is a bonus that makes your smile dazzle that much more!

Four Steps to a Dazzling Smile :

1) Listerine Whitening Mouthwash. Floss beforehand, then swish this magic bubbling solution around in your mouth for 30 seconds or so before brushing. You can actually see it working afterwards….the peroxide will slightly foam around the edges of your teeth. #winning!

Sorry Crest... Listerine has this one nailed down. This is far superior to the crest brand whitening rinse.

Sorry Crest… Listerine has this one nailed down. This is far superior to the crest brand whitening rinse.

2) Brush yer tooths!!! With THIS!!!!

This toothpaste is EVERYTHING. And its less sweet so my mouth feels cleaner than any other brand I've used.

This toothpaste is EVERYTHING. And its less sweet so my mouth feels cleaner than any other brand I’ve used.

3) Use Crest Whitestrips as needed, following the manufacturer’s directions…and don’t skimp and try to buy the store brand! Crest has nailed this product. Even my dentist says they’re amazing.

Crest makes a few different "levels" of intensity for the whitestrips. They all work but I prefer these because it's quicker than the less intense formula :)

Crest makes a few different “levels” of intensity for the whitestrips. They all work but I prefer these because it’s quicker than the less intense formula 🙂

4) Last but not least…. After applying any type of moisturizer and/or face make up, take the wand out of Benefit’s cute little “Miss Popularity” highlighter, and place the sponge in the corner of each side of your mouth. One little dot in each will do. Somehow the geniuses over at Benefit formulated this little highlighter to reflect in your smile and wait till you see the magic! Get ready to take some serious selfies. (Sidenote: I also put a dot on the outside of each corner of my eyes…as if they weren’t already getting me everything I want…does the same trick to brighten your eyes like your smile!)

I think they must of named this make-up after one of us.

I think they must of named this make-up after one of us.

A woman who is truly smiling and laughing is always the most beautiful one in the room….! Do not use this regimen and then fake-laugh, fake-smile, or anything else not nice!

Love and Sparkling Smiles!


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Valentine’s Day is for Good-Smelling Hair !

I don’t necessarily “love” or “hate” Valentines Day… I’ve never wanted to make a big deal about it when in a relationship, but at the same time, still feel a bit left out if I am not busy on the evening of February 14! I think no blonde ever wants to be LEFT OUT! Hello! Aren’t we supposed to be the center of attention!?

That being said….. Here’s a little secret product that can make anyone swoon when their face is close to your hair, whether it’s tonight or next week.

Oribé Hair Refresher. From Oribé’s ridiculously AMAZING smelling line of hair care products, this little gem is small enough to carry with you, and as promised, will “refresh” your flaxen mane with a light scent that you will become quickly addicted to. (Also, this is actually affordable in comparison to some of the other products he makes…not that they aren’t all TOTALLY worth it).

No one can resist the scent of this luxury hair refresher. Not even Superman or Wonder Woman.

No one can resist the scent of this luxury hair refresher. Not even Superman or Wonder Woman.

The entire line of Oribé is so amazing, so I promise to soon dedicate an entire post just about my favorites!

Happy Valentines, ladies! And don’t forget; whether you have found someone worthy enough to be”your valentine” or not, let us all remember that Cupid DOES have blonde hair, so it’s kind of “our” holiday anyways! I mean, what do you want? St. Patrick’s Day? EW!

Love and Arrows and Red Bows in Blonde Hair!



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Dry Hair, Don’t Care!!!

This trick here is one I used to share with my curly-haired clients trying to win the battle over frizz… Then I was trying to towel dry my hair the other day with a brand-new towel… (Well, washed once, but towels are SO hard to break in!!!)  Needless to say, the towel wasn’t absorbing barely anything. I started using my blow dryer, and I was like– Okay. This is just going to put so much more heat on my hair than if it was properly dried…  We cannot afford any more damage on our blonde Los Angeles locks!

Then I remembered what I used to tell my clients w the curls… Duh! blot hair with paper towels after the shower! It soaks up SO much more water than any regular towel… Then when you move onto using heat, you will be drying 50% less water out of your hair.  Yes, it will take quite a few paper towels, but do NOT dispose of them! Make one towel rack in your bathroom the “drying rack” for the paper towels. They dry perfectly and quickly and ready to use again within hours! (If you share your bathroom, then take a few of the drycleaning hangers used for slacks and hang the towels without hogging the towel bar…the cardboard bottom has a bit of “grip” and you can lay the paper towels over that part, they should stay and not slip off).


1) Wring out hair in shower after water is turned off!! Give the water like 10-20 seconds to drip out of your hair…don’t just squeeze and run LOL

2) Use regular towel to dry hair as well as possible with it, squeezing with dry areas of the towel on different parts of your hair.

3)  Take like 4-6 paper towels, folded on top of each other so it makes multiple layers but still the size of one. Blot all over your head and put around your length and squeeze over and over. You may need a second or third round… either way, hang them up to dry afterwards!

4) Let hair air dry or use a good hair dryer WITH the nozzle on to blow dry 🙂

5) Be blonde and hot.

These are the most eco-friendly paper towels I know about...!

These are the most eco-friendly paper towels I know about…!

....And these are not! But they do last a lot longer when using then drying over and over again....

….And these are not! But they do last a lot longer when using then drying over and over again….

Remember, the whole point of this is to get your hair as DRY AS POSSIBLE before using heat on it! If you have a microfiber towel, a Shamwow or anything else that absorbs excess water, then use that and you’re on the right track!

Be nice to your hair, ladies! Because that’s why people are so nice to you!!!

Hahahaha…. You know I’m joking…. kinda 😉

Love and Sun-bleached Ponytails!


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Good n’ Cheap.

Good n’ Cheap.

(Just like my women!)

There’s so many frigging conditioning products out there.
Is there a way to actually find out how many? Anyone who can give me a number, (as pertains to the US market), will get a free highlight service from yours truly!
I’m guessing it must be in the mid twenty thousand something or other—? Is that too high? Is Drew Carey standing next to me with a pencil shaped microphone?

Anyways. I have a tried and true cheap and heavy conditioner I LOVE.

Use in excess and leave in for however long it takes you to finish your shower.
I wash my hair first, then put in the All Soft, tie or clip it up, do everything else necessary to keep up my female human appearance, and then rise out. (Cold water rinse, ladies!)

***However, due to the super moisturizing element of the All Soft, after I rinse it I tie it up again and wash my neck, shoulders, and back a second time to remove any film that could remain…***

Also, watch out for your shower/tub floor! It will get slippery if you don’t rinse it properly after a few uses of the All Soft.

Blonde : good. Head trauma : bad.

Love and Toddler Shades of Blonde!

Caitlin ❤

Redken “All Soft Heavy Cream”


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