Good n’ Cheap.

Good n’ Cheap.

(Just like my women!)

There’s so many frigging conditioning products out there.
Is there a way to actually find out how many? Anyone who can give me a number, (as pertains to the US market), will get a free highlight service from yours truly!
I’m guessing it must be in the mid twenty thousand something or other—? Is that too high? Is Drew Carey standing next to me with a pencil shaped microphone?

Anyways. I have a tried and true cheap and heavy conditioner I LOVE.

Use in excess and leave in for however long it takes you to finish your shower.
I wash my hair first, then put in the All Soft, tie or clip it up, do everything else necessary to keep up my female human appearance, and then rise out. (Cold water rinse, ladies!)

***However, due to the super moisturizing element of the All Soft, after I rinse it I tie it up again and wash my neck, shoulders, and back a second time to remove any film that could remain…***

Also, watch out for your shower/tub floor! It will get slippery if you don’t rinse it properly after a few uses of the All Soft.

Blonde : good. Head trauma : bad.

Love and Toddler Shades of Blonde!

Caitlin ❤

Redken “All Soft Heavy Cream”


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