How To Talk To A New Colorist To Get Your Point Across!!!

So you made an appointment with a new colorist!
Congratulations! You must need it. It’s never easy to put your trust in someone for the first time; especially if that person is wielding a bowl of bleach and a tint brush. (Unless it’s me because I am a blonde-magician from heaven above.) Let’s make this easier for you. I myself am non-confrontational and have sat through a hair appointment that I had a bad feeling about from the get-go, but didn’t have the guts to say something!

1) List all past experiences and color “jobs” you weren’t happy with, and why.

2) Bring pictures of yourself from a time you liked your hair color! If you never have, or if you are wanting a new color, bring pictures of someone with that color– pictures of real people, (not models in an advertisement), are more helpful because they are not photoshopped or under photography lighting.

3) Be honest with your hair colorist and yourself about your hair. Different shades of blonde look different on other people because of the thickness of their hair or the texture, (ie curly, straight, beachy, voluminous, piecey, etc). I assume since you are reading this blog that I don’t even have to mention the fact that the blonde hair in a photo will not transform your face and body into the model in the image ;).

4) Have realistic expectations. Are you going to a blonde specialist? Are you willing to sit for however many hours it will take for a correction? Are you on a budget and need to only do one step at a time due to financial restrictions? Don’t be embarrassed to ask the price! We have ALL been there! Hello! The reason you need an expert in the first place is probably because you wete trying to cut corners in the cost department— whether it was a friend, a less expensive colorist, or *gasp* you went ahead and tried to do it yourself ;).

Did I mention PICTURES!?

I like to think any colorist who really cares about the result when coloring a client’s hair is open to pictures of color and tones of blonde a new client want to achieve. Be sure to point out the different areas of a picture that you like— a lot of times there are bright parts and shadowed parts. You can point to different hues and show which you would like for the highlight or lowlight or how much contrast between the two!

Here’s to keeping it real and upfront when declaring your needs to a new colorist! You deserve to get out of he shower, put on some makeup (or not!), your favorite outfit, and dry your hair to the best and shiniest shade of blonde that you love. Add a cocktail or two, and you’re ready to walk into any room and run that shit.

Love and Purple Shampoo,

Caitlin the Blondemaster Genius 🌟






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One thought on “How To Talk To A New Colorist To Get Your Point Across!!!

  1. Joy says:

    My sister wants to have her hair colored before she starts her new job. It was explained here that she should be honest with her hair colorist because it will vary depending on the hair’s texture. Furthermore, it’s recommended to only go to professional hair colorists.

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