Should You Buy Haircare On Amazon??

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Let me preface this by admitting my all encompassing love and dedication to

Not only has Amazon Prime changed my life, and in turn, Prime Now, but also the company is based in my hometown of Seattle, Washington!  Rain City is the place where I learned to be a capable woman, raised in a community of people who had loyalty and intelligence and and gave a crap about the environment and education. Bomb AF.

Maaaayyyybe though….Amazon had a couple of screws that went loose when it came to ensuring hair products (amongst other things sold on the site), were legitimate. Again, SIGH. 

I’m not here to point fingers or say anyone besides the seller is maliciously trying to sabotage us from having amazing hair care that makes all brunettes jealous. Oh!  It’s probably brunettes who are selling the fake goods!!!  (JK they never made me submit a current photo when buying any conditioner or anything LOL.)

So the end decision I have made is to CAREFULLY  buy any hair stuff or beauty products on Amazon.


Here’s how I’m seeing Amazon works since researching the issue:


Amazon has three ways they handle fulfillment of their orders:

Sold by Amazon

These products are sold to Amazon to resell to customers by actual companies and vendors, so they are most likely the actual product.

Fulfilled by Amazon

These products are not sold by Amazon, but are shipped from an Amazon fufillment center.  So they are at least processed by Amazon, but there’s a chance they were not verified.

Ships From and Sold By a Third-Party Seller

These items are never in the hands of any amazon employee and ship directly from the Third-Party Seller.  This is how most of the counterfeit products are sold.


Reviews and How They Get Away With It:

-Fake Reviews 

I actually heard a story on NPR a couple weeks ago about this. Sellers are giving free products to “customers” in trade for a review.  I know that some of us would not trade free stuff for a 5 star review, but it seems that the swag stops to the reviewers when the 5 star ratings aren’t there.  Add to that, I’m SURE they don’t send the fake stuff to them anyways! HELLO!

-Selling of REAL product, then having cycles selling FAKE products

I went on amazon and checked out reviews for a seller that retailed “It’s a 10” leave-in treatment. The 5 star reviews were chronologically grouped together, and so were the 1 star reviews.


October 2013, August 2013, February 2014, there was a string of bad reviews stating that the product was fake, and that they knew so by comparing it to the product the had bought before in a store in person, or even brought it to their hairstylists who told them it was definitely NOT “It’s a 10“.

Then, there was months of good reviews. 

Again, in November 2015, December 2015, and another November 2015, the reviews stating the product was not real were left.

Then, another few months of positive reviews.

And, once again, another cycle of claims it was a fake product. THREE 1 star reviews claiming “It’s a 10” was counterfeit in May of 2016. You can tell that people are utilizing the reviewing process more and more, which makes sense because more and more people have started counting on amazon for household purchases.


My Experience With Amazon Haircare Purchases

I personally have a haircare product that I recommend to clients (and use myself) that I get on Amazon. I 100% let them know ahead of time that there’s a possibility of the seller going rogue, but the product I buy on there is not available in a large size anywhere in a Los Angeles salon or retail store. I use the exact same seller and only tell my clients to buy it by using the link I send them, which is where I originally purchased the item.  Also, I do have them touch and smell the product at the salon, so they know what to look for.  My clients are so awesome they even send me pics of it when they get it!  The product is so good for the hair, it is worth the risk to me.

Now here’s another story….


Roza’s Experience With Amazon Haircare Products

Uh oh. My BFF and favorite person in the world, Roza had a totally frustrating experience with this…. She bought a conditioner and when receiving it, felt like it wasn’t real… Actually, KNEW it wasnt real because she had used the product many times before. It ended up being hair CHOLESTEROL. A super cheap yellow “deep conditioner” used at beauty schools for practice. She complained. She wrote a bad review. She even contacted Amazon. Her review was taken down due to what she thinks was other positive reviews outweighing her claims. Or just basically in Roza’s words: “Everyone is a cheater liar”.  And lets be honest… She may not be the sweetest person on the phone when dealing with customer service representatives. Im pretty sure I would quit my job if i worked at a call center and she was a customer I had to help. I think she had just gotten over it when I went to Dallas to visit her and brought her a liter of the real thing as a surprise present. She ran into her bathroom and came out with the fake shit yelling I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!  I’m actually the one that had to tell her the stuff she bought for $34 was cholesterol…ouch!


Well I hope this has been of some help!

Here’s to Amazon weeding out the liars and fakers.

Love and Legitimate Fluffy Feel,

Caitlin ❤


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To Wash, Or Not To Wash, That Is The Question.

(And we ALL KNOW I have THE ANSWER.  (Albeit my opinion.))


Let me say this: If brevity is the soul of wit, maybe skip this post. This is my drawn out opinion ;).

Most of my opinions are really based on Los Angeles air and water quality, along with lifestyle habits of Angelenos who dye their hair blonde.  Maybe if one day I lose my mind and go full blown hippie, I will move to the San Juan Islands and have naked offspring running around my property and no access to the internet…probably making my own soap out of god knows what and then using it on my chemical free babies whom I bath in large steel drums filled with rainwater. Until then, though, I will keep it ALL about Los Angeles Blondes since YOU are my audience! …Workaholic and/or actress/model career women who schedule a manicure between spin class and coffee with your mastermind group mentor. (This is all before you get to the office at 9am.)

Here is the point (if you bothered to read the above paragraph).

When in the world did you have time to wash your hair?

After spin, before your 8am manicure you guilted your nail girl into?  I don’t think so.  You barely had time to rinse off at Soul Cycle and get into your work clothes.  It’s hard enough to get wet legs into skinny jeans without wet hair dripping in your eyes. That shit is in a bun and we both know it.

Hair is sitting in sweat, then sweat dries INTO the hair.

Now its 8:00pm, and you’re lucky enough to get off that early from work.  Never mind that you had to lie about picking up your car from getting serviced… and the dealership CLOSES AT NINE.  (Does it? You’ve really dramatized this lie.)   Really you just wanted to make the 8:30 hot yoga class at Modo because you saw your ex snap themselves there the last THREE  Thursdays in a row.  Over your DEAD body will you let this slide because you claimed every hot yoga studio east of La Brea (INCLUDING the east side OF La Brea) in the break-up.

Fuck!. They aren’t there, but there’s a new hot teacher subbing for the regular one so you stay.  Get out of class- (shit that was a 90 min class) . Rinse off AGAIN in the shower with zero time to wash your hair because you have to be at a showcase at Hotel Cafe at 10:30pm.

Sweat once again dries into hair.

By the time you leave the showcase you had like 4 Hendricks and grapefruits, and got talked into sitting on the back smoking patio of Piano Bar for 2 more.  Ubered home.

Alcohol dehydrates you, second-hand smoke soaks into your hair.

Its 6am. Fetty Wap is singing ‘Trap Queen’ loudly from your iPhone reminding you to get up. You drag yourself into the shower and about 2 min into it remember your car is on Selma by Hotel Cafe.  SHIT!

Good thing you know its good to only wash your hair every 2-3 days.



I have just named three crucial reasons above to why you should wash your hair more frequently!  If you are a typical Angeleno, you have done one of those 3 things, or more, in the last 24 hours.  



The very first thing I tell new clients who are preparing to come in for a color correction service and have seriously damaged hair, is to wash it every day.*  

*After that it is to stop using hot tools, and if you cannot for the love of god air dry your hair, instead use a blow dryer (with a nozzle) and a boar bristle round brush.

When these clients start washing their hair every day, the effects are pretty amazing.  The hair is shinier and feels stronger!  There is no need to wait until your hair is damaged to start this practice!  This is why I always recommend washing hair every day, and if you cannot air dry it, then you can wash every other day.

The biggest reason by far to wash daily is what I call “The Sweat Effect”.

Sweat is made up of toxins your body is purging by carrying them out of your bloodstream via sweating.  A huge amount of which is salts.  Salt dries out everything.  If you leave it to dry into your hair, it makes it more and more brittle.  This is an enemy of lightened hair!  If you use a really good moisturizing shampoo, your hair will be softer after washing it.  Also please use a good conditioner as well.  Your hair needs the daily conditioning to protect against environmental impurities such as smog in general or second-hand smoke on the Piano Bar patio.

Try it out!  


My future child who will wash daily.

Wash your hair every day or at least every other day and let me know how it goes!

( Or don’t!  You a free bitch after all!) 


Here’s to all my dirty girls 😉



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Sulfates In Hair Care, What’s The Deal?



We all have heard about sulfate-free shampoo and have steered clear of it, (or not), regardless of knowing why we are doing so, (or not doing so).  I do a lot of things without knowing why!  Currently, my mother has me taking some algae vitamin supplements and I couldn’t tell you shit about them.

Here I will attempt a simple breakdown about sulfates using the least run-on sentences I know how to write.

Note: I have always been somewhat lazy when it comes to drilling my clients toward sulfate-free products because I have an entire list of things for them to follow, and I tend to get caught up in water quality and hot tool use.  (That is a great example of a classic “Caitlin” run-on sentence… (I have a habit of using parentheses a tad too much.))

Unknown(This is a sulfate.) 9a6cbf8f5dc6808175debafb30f95dac(This is hair on sulfates.)

Alright. So sulfates are a type of surfactant which are used to separate oil and water molecules, therefore removing the oils from scalp and hair and then also adding lather.  This has been used in shampoos as well as many beauty products, including mouthwash, body soap and makeup.

The Culprit: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This inexpensive and effective detergent is also used in industrial strength cleaners and even engine degreaser.  Sulfates are synthetic ingredients which are derived from petroleum or other sources.  The other sources are the largest part of the molecule, which comes from Lauryl alcohol that actually comes from coconut oil or other plants… Sounds great, but it mixed with sulfuric acid.  Of course sulfer occurs naturally on the earth, but mostly it is produced from- you guessed it- petroleum again.

Types of Sulfates

There are 100’s of different sulfates!  Ugh!  However, the ones most commonly used in beauty products are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) *not the hotel on La Cienega, my Angeleno blondes*, and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).  More than 90% of shampoos (and body washes) contain SLS or SLES!  The crazy part is that SLS is a harsher detergent than SLES, so “better” for sensitive skin, but SLES has a by-product called 1.4-dioxane which is a CARCINOGEN.  Add to this that SLS has been shown in some findings to mimic estrogen. WTF.  I know there are so many studies, and everyone has an agenda, but even the sustainability factor (using Lauryl alcohol from petroleum derived sources) can be a cause to start using sulfate-free products.

Sulfates and Haircolor

Not to be completely shallow, but….sulfate-free to keep HAIRCOLOR lasting longer is kind of important here at The Blondtourage.  Any detergent CAN and WILL strip your hair of color.  Especially toner.  ESPECIALLY BLONDES.  Having the pigment removed in the first place already compromises the hair itself and the hair’s cuticle.  Obviously its worth it; we all know we were supposed to be born and spend our entire lives the shade of blonde we ask our colorist for.  Let us give those locks a little break from the detergents and petroleum BS that is so easy to use.  Let the easiness be applied to other areas of our lives. (Just sayin’.)


Soooo…. I guess I learned my lesson about being lazy when insisting on sulfate-free shampoo.  I guess it’s as important as a shower filter and not using flat iron. Meh.  Luckily, sulfate-free is such a huge advertising ploy, (that happens to be legit), you should be able to figure out which products are sulfate-free or not… It’s kind of like the vegan or crossfitter of shampoos…. You won’t have to ask.  They will likely advertise it…ha ha ha!


Love From a Non-Petroleum Derived Girl,

Caitlin ❤





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Drugs; the kind from your Doctor.


“Oh my god I can’t believe I ate that entire bag…You should of told me it was for us to share!”-girl on right  “In about 30 minutes I’m going to ditch your high AF ass”-girl on left

Hey all!

To clarify, the drugs I’m speaking of are not the kind you do at Coachella…..! I’m covering actual prescription drugs you take for an ailment or disease! (However its funny to reference the music festival anyways, lol !)

Drugs work. They do. But they do so by changing the chemical make-up of certain parts of our bodies… Your hair is on your body.

During a hair consultation, your colorist SHOULD be asking you a LOT of questions… At least I hope they are!  I myself ask like 4000 questions to a new client, but in case your colorist isn’t as nosy as I am, I wanted to share with you all something you would need to bring up yourself if not asked.




Most people take dugs because they work!

I’m sure most of us would be warned previously to taking a prescription medication, (by either your Doc, P.A., Nurse, or Pharmacist), but sometimes in the frenzy of a new medical condition and all of it’s information we can lose track of details. Or maybe your pharmacist doesn’t get highlights so she/he wouldn’t think to tell you this. You should actually tweet the pharmacy #goblondeorgohome as a subtle suggestion.

SO: If you are prescribed and taking as directed any medications, please inform your hair colorist! We of course, are not in the medical field, but are usually aware of a lot of drugs that have affected clients color in the past.

This list may not be complete, but here are some big ones that I have seen make a difference. 


ALL Hormone medications (including, but not limited to hormone replacement therapy and some types of birth control if you have just started taking them or have just stopped), should be brought to your colorist’s attention.

Thyroid medications

Chemotherapy medications

Stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin (these affect more the dryness and brittleness of your hair, which is HUGE when you are lifting hair to BLONDE).

Accutane  (also known as Amnesteem, Claravis, Sotret) reduces oil/sebum in your hair follicles so it can make your scalp sensitive and your hair drier than usual. Most concerns for this acne drug is the potential for hair loss, so take care of the hair you got!


Especially for clients who are on or have just finished a round of chemo, talking about it can feel like the last thing you want to do when meeting a new person in your life.  The possibility of being able to have normal conversation without the questions about your condition probably sounds glorious, but sorry kiddos, we gotta know.  Preface the information with a quick request that you don’t really feel like getting into it today, and your professional should get the hint.  We good at reading people and shit ;). Its half our job! (This goes for all other conditions that all y’all blondes are sick of talking about too! Give a quick run down and then subject change!)


Here’s to all clients having the guts to be upfront and honest about stuff they gotta take!

In Love and Health,



*Please note I do not know enough information to include Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, or other types of naturopathic medicine. I personally believe these are as important as western medicine, and use them in conjunction for almost all of my ailments and preventative measures! If you don’t know about them, take some time to look into it. They have been around for thousands of years.




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The Tangled Blonde Dilema… Non-Disney! 

Okay. I have never been one to believe that a detangling/leave-in conditioner could actually work.  Not because I didn’t think it was possible, only because I hadn’t found one that actually did both! Or now that I think about it… One that did either.

Fast-forward to…. Unite 7Seconds. 

Unite, (the brand), has been mentioned before; I reccomend and myself use thier purple shampoo, the Blonda Toning Shampoo. 

I am happy to say that Unite has another product that works well for Angeleno blondes!

7Seconds is a spray that comes in a large enough bottle to last at least 1.5 – 2 months and actually does what it says it will. Feel free to replace whomever you’re dating with this product. It actually fulfills its claims!

Spray 2-6 pumps onto clean washed hair when it’s still partially wet. (I reccomend lightly towel dried, whether you use cloth or paper towels.)

Not only will the 7Seconds make it easier to brush, it actually has a leave-in conditioning quality that I didn’t think existed until I used it.

Note: A client of mine has before expressed to me that using this product on baby-fine hair has left somewhat of a slight “coat”. This was for her 3 year old daughters hair. If you have this type of hair, please put half of the 7Seconds solution into an air tight container and mix spring water into the vacant part of the 7Seconds bottle with the solution and use that in lieu of the full strength solution.

Happy Silky Brushing, Blondes!

You know I love seeing your ends intact and conditioned!


Caitlin Who Keeps Los Angeles BLONDE ❤

PS Yay we have a new blonde colorist in training, Tawnny! She’s already foiling like a champ, make sure to keep your eye out for her on our Instagram page!


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To Live And Blonde In L.A.

It’s true. Not everyone is blonde in Los Angeles so there are bound to be some issues with certain establishments. Like: The Korean spas I frequent do not offer purple shampoo along with the regular shampoo and conditioner!!!  Like they WANT our hair to be brassy. This is not NYC, where I do not need purple shampoo. I am frequently in NYC and my hair looks so effing good when I’m there, that I am considering moving there just for that reason alone…!

So pretty much I have compiled a list of “blonde-friendly” places for us all to patronize. Cause I’m good like that.

1) The Hair Shop 

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You come here to buy hair! And then you can tell everyone its “yours” because you bought it. Clip in’s, (including clip-in bangs, yay!), strand by strand extensions, ombre extensions, they have it all here. Just make sure to bring whatever you’re going to buy outside to check the shades in the natural light because there’s a good chance it won’t look the same.

2) Wilshire Beauty

On Wilshire Blvd and Cloverdale, for professional products that you would usually have to “salon-hop” to find. They also have a bunch of facial products I love!

3) Shaver Emporium

On Melrose and Ardmore, for re-vamped dryers and irons… Also you can drop off a blow drier or hot iron of any kind to be fixed when it stops working! These guys are amazing. Usual cost is $35$-50 to get something repaired. So much cheaper than replacing, and better to not waste things and send them to a landfill!

4)  Whole Foods

For Futurebotics Hair Skin & Nails supplements. I’m sure we could order online, but I know they are legit here.

5) DryBar

Come here for a “moisture shot” at the shampoo bowl and blow out… (Make sure to ask for no metal brushes!!!)
Alright my Blonde-Counterparts,

Love You, Mean It.

Caitlin the Wizard of Angeleno Blondes ❤ !


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How To Get-Around Like A Record aka Cheat Weekly

Hello My Beautiful Blondes!!!

So many of you become very proud when you follow my “blondestructions” and use the products I’ve found that treat your tresses with love, but as I listen to my clients listing off the ones they bought I find myself asking “that’s great but what are you using along with that”?

You can’t just use those! 

You need to cheat on your daily shampoo and conditioners! 


Yes. You should use Davines MINU or MELU. Yes you should use Redken All-Soft and Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Rinse.


When you notice that shampoos and conditioners work awesome at first and then lose their luster, it’s because ALL products will eventually become stagnant with your hair. 

I don’t know the science behind this. I could guess but I hate being wrong so just know I’m right.

Switch Up Your Shampoos And Conditioners! 

It will keep them working like the first time you used them!

I like to flip flop with expensive and cheap— that’s proven to work for me, whether it’s because of the ingredients or not, I’m not sure.


Day 1: MINU Shampoo and MINU Conditioner

Day 2: MINU Shampoo and MINU Conditioner

Day 3: Redken All-Soft Shampoo and All-Soft Conditioner

Day 4: MINU Shampoo and Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse Mask/Masque

Day 5: MINU Shampoo and MINU Conditioner

Day 6: Redken All-Soft Shampoo and Bumble & Bumble Heavy Cream Conditioner

Day 7: Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Dumb Blonde Conditoner (YES by TIGI. I know. It goes against everything. I know.)

Day 8: Call Guinness Book of World Records and/or Reddit and/or CNN, you’ve just discovered another day.

Day 9: Realize it’s actually Tuesday and there was no day 8 or day 9, you just drank too much at The Abbey on Sunday Funday.

Day 10: Think about maybe taking a break from white wine and vodka, but for sure beer and champagne doesn’t count. As long as the beer and bubbly doesn’t create a Day 11 LOL!

Disclaimer: I’m not sure if this works w hair styling products too… I have never noticed my hair “gets used” to any styling products! They all seem to stay consistent even when used every day 🙂 

Also: If you only wash your hair once every other day or every two days and so on, follow the same instructions.

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Long, Hair, Don’t Care…(the blondtourage version)!

My ex girlfriends mom once told her, after she had called and announced she cut her hair a drastic 12 inches,

“When you think of a pretty girl, do you think of a girl with long hair or short hair?”


Although I am equally in love with Blake Lively in Gossip Girl AND Sienna Miller a la Factory Girl, I get that long hair is a thing and you don’t want to lose it!! So I have compiled a…

List For All Things Long and Blonde.

1) The best detangling brush money can get ya


    – YS Park 501 styler. Get it. No questions allowed.


2) MELU Shampoo and Conditioner by Davines

– The Angels of beauty at Davines made this formula specifically for long hair that us been compromised by chemicals and environmental hazards. (Yes! If you use a flat iron I am talking to YOU!!!)

– I have been known to give this away like a drug dealer. They always come back for more. In bulk. (But no don’t ask me for it for free. I gave up that way of life.)



    – There you go. I said it. Got get some at American Apparel so you can at least make fun of yourself for wearing it. Those black hair ties from RiteAid be breaking your hair!


4) Malibu Packets for Blondes 

– Long hair means that the ends have been around a lot longer than North West has been alive. This mean oxidation and deposits in the ends of your hair. Especially ends of Angeleno’s hair. Use these packets as instructed and you can get out the dull! Your hair colorist will thank you. We don’t want to re-highlight your ends due to your copper pipes and lack of a shower filter!

…That being said;


5) Shower Filter! 


Love you mean it!

Caitlin and Team Blonde!

PS Vanessa our second-to-me colorist has been pumping out some amazing blonding services lately. Get thee to the @blonde.blond IG and check them out!


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Purple Shampoo How-To

Hey Guys!

I’ve been noticing lately that quite a few of my clients have had some issues with using their purple shampoo!

-Some of you have been only using purple shampoo and no regular shampoo at all! (Too drying).

-Some of you have been using a small amount of shampoo without distributing it evenly! (Too little and confined to one area).

-Some of you *gasp* haven’t been using it at all!!! (Ha ha, I know not all of you want or need it 🙂 !)



Instructions on: How To Use Purple Shampoo ❤

1) Clean your hair thoroughly with a regular shampoo.

– This means you can use clarifying shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, dandruff shampoo, whatever. However, try not to       clarify your hair more than every 7 washes.

2) Determine how much violet/blue/silver tone you want deposited in your blonde.

– You can control how much of the pigment will be deposited! This is usually a game of trial and error, but you can play it safe but adding a small amount of the purple shampoo in to your regular shampoo. This time I’m going to request that you use a daily moisturizing shampoo. You can mix about a quarter much purple as regular, and move up to half as much and then equal parts. I’m not suggesting that you do this all in the same shower. Just over time if you are super concerned about having violet hair :).

– if this is your first time, get out of the shower and apply it in front of the mirror. If the mirror is foggy, mix some soap with water and wipe your mirrors down so you can see yourself LOL. Wipe away suds and kind of see what color your hair is as the minutes go by. Probably 4-5 minutes is enough, if you are using enough percentage of purple.

3) Decide what areas of your hair you would like the violet tones to deposit.

– This is going be different for everyone. Example: my ends are brassy from old color, so I want to make sure as much purple is deposited in the ends as is on the root area! It sounds funny, but the suds that come down from the top where you apply it are not purple enough to make that much of a difference in your ends. (Unless they are extensions. Then that shit is going to turn silver-gray immediately.) To do this, apply new handfuls of the purple shampoo to the ends as much as the top.

– If you have super blonde extensions, put those back in a clip and keep the purple off of them until you decide you want to let it get on them. I’d say about 20 seconds before you plan to rinse you hair as a rule of thumb ;).

– If you have certain areas of your hair that are yellow, just add the purple shampoo to those areas. If you have streaks of yellow mixed in with the white, neutral or ashy ones, beware… the non-yellow ones will pick up the pigment as well and you can have more obvious golden tones against super ashy ones… -___- Blech.

4) Find the right brand of “purple” shampoo that is right for your hair!

These are kind of my own rules for ones I’m familiar with:


L’anza Silver Brightening Shampoo

– for hair with light yellow tones to dark yellow tones, not orange and not white, unless you want grayish hair

– doesn’t make the hair too shiny but doesn’t make it flat, either.. easy to mix with other shampoos to control color

Shmr_Shmp_16oz copy

Clairol Shimmer Lights

– for hair with yellow and orangey tones

– is shiny! don’t know how they do it but its a bit shiny 🙂

– a bit harder to mix w other shampoo in your hands, it has a thinner consistency compared to others


Unite BLONDA Toning Shampoo

– has a bit more violet tone than gray-violet so it can make your white pretty “icy”

– smells like grape bubblegum YUM!


Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner

– The only purple conditioner I recommend

– Be careful it can get a bit inky

– Is very moisturizing and reminds me of cocoa butter 🙂

– put on evenly! (or mix w another conditioner) also condition after as well

Okay I’m sure I’m forgetting something but I’m so sick of talking about purple shampoo right now……. !!

Love and Shades of Silver and Violet!!! ❤

Caitlin The Queen of the Blondes


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Officially LA’s Best Salon! For Blondes

Mapped: LA’s Best Hair Salons for Stylish Cuts, Colors, and More

We have been featured by Danielle Directro-Meston of @rackedLA as LA’s Best Hair Salons! Obviously for Blondes… Thanks for the LOVE!

Check out the article here

FullSizeRender (1)



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