To Wash, Or Not To Wash, That Is The Question.

(And we ALL KNOW I have THE ANSWER.  (Albeit my opinion.))


Let me say this: If brevity is the soul of wit, maybe skip this post. This is my drawn out opinion ;).

Most of my opinions are really based on Los Angeles air and water quality, along with lifestyle habits of Angelenos who dye their hair blonde.  Maybe if one day I lose my mind and go full blown hippie, I will move to the San Juan Islands and have naked offspring running around my property and no access to the internet…probably making my own soap out of god knows what and then using it on my chemical free babies whom I bath in large steel drums filled with rainwater. Until then, though, I will keep it ALL about Los Angeles Blondes since YOU are my audience! …Workaholic and/or actress/model career women who schedule a manicure between spin class and coffee with your mastermind group mentor. (This is all before you get to the office at 9am.)

Here is the point (if you bothered to read the above paragraph).

When in the world did you have time to wash your hair?

After spin, before your 8am manicure you guilted your nail girl into?  I don’t think so.  You barely had time to rinse off at Soul Cycle and get into your work clothes.  It’s hard enough to get wet legs into skinny jeans without wet hair dripping in your eyes. That shit is in a bun and we both know it.

Hair is sitting in sweat, then sweat dries INTO the hair.

Now its 8:00pm, and you’re lucky enough to get off that early from work.  Never mind that you had to lie about picking up your car from getting serviced… and the dealership CLOSES AT NINE.  (Does it? You’ve really dramatized this lie.)   Really you just wanted to make the 8:30 hot yoga class at Modo because you saw your ex snap themselves there the last THREE  Thursdays in a row.  Over your DEAD body will you let this slide because you claimed every hot yoga studio east of La Brea (INCLUDING the east side OF La Brea) in the break-up.

Fuck!. They aren’t there, but there’s a new hot teacher subbing for the regular one so you stay.  Get out of class- (shit that was a 90 min class) . Rinse off AGAIN in the shower with zero time to wash your hair because you have to be at a showcase at Hotel Cafe at 10:30pm.

Sweat once again dries into hair.

By the time you leave the showcase you had like 4 Hendricks and grapefruits, and got talked into sitting on the back smoking patio of Piano Bar for 2 more.  Ubered home.

Alcohol dehydrates you, second-hand smoke soaks into your hair.

Its 6am. Fetty Wap is singing ‘Trap Queen’ loudly from your iPhone reminding you to get up. You drag yourself into the shower and about 2 min into it remember your car is on Selma by Hotel Cafe.  SHIT!

Good thing you know its good to only wash your hair every 2-3 days.



I have just named three crucial reasons above to why you should wash your hair more frequently!  If you are a typical Angeleno, you have done one of those 3 things, or more, in the last 24 hours.  



The very first thing I tell new clients who are preparing to come in for a color correction service and have seriously damaged hair, is to wash it every day.*  

*After that it is to stop using hot tools, and if you cannot for the love of god air dry your hair, instead use a blow dryer (with a nozzle) and a boar bristle round brush.

When these clients start washing their hair every day, the effects are pretty amazing.  The hair is shinier and feels stronger!  There is no need to wait until your hair is damaged to start this practice!  This is why I always recommend washing hair every day, and if you cannot air dry it, then you can wash every other day.

The biggest reason by far to wash daily is what I call “The Sweat Effect”.

Sweat is made up of toxins your body is purging by carrying them out of your bloodstream via sweating.  A huge amount of which is salts.  Salt dries out everything.  If you leave it to dry into your hair, it makes it more and more brittle.  This is an enemy of lightened hair!  If you use a really good moisturizing shampoo, your hair will be softer after washing it.  Also please use a good conditioner as well.  Your hair needs the daily conditioning to protect against environmental impurities such as smog in general or second-hand smoke on the Piano Bar patio.

Try it out!  


My future child who will wash daily.

Wash your hair every day or at least every other day and let me know how it goes!

( Or don’t!  You a free bitch after all!) 


Here’s to all my dirty girls 😉



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