5 Clues To Know It’s Time To Break Up With Your Hairdresser




The situation no Blonde ever wants to be in… A Break Up!

The thought alone can create a downward spiral in your usually blissful Blonde life….

The idea of it can give you visions of horrific Facebook pictures you’re tagged in….

The mere suggestion can have you searching Linkedin looking for jobs in the last city where you had a haircolorist you trusted….

WHAT could we POSSIBLY be speaking of???


Changing your hairstylist.

Listen: I am NOT trying to give you a panic attack on an otherwise lovely Tuesday afternoon when you are reading this blog instead of doing expense reports.  I can guarantee that sticking to one haircolorist is usually the ideal way to keep your hair safe: In the hands of someone that knows it and it’s history.

However, I have been guilty of being loyal to a point where it is destructive and makes no sense, logically.  (I say this because we have ALL made “sense” of things that are not “logical”, and those things can certainly be the right choice some of the time!)

Here are the:



1) You have asked for more than two appointments (in a row) for a change in color or tone of your blonde without seeing any difference. (If your colorist has made a change, and you can tell when you leave, but by the time of your next appointment, the color has gone back to what it was previously, then that is not necessarily their fault. The next time you see them, let them know you are okay with them using a formula that may look different in the beginning, but has more lasting effects.)

2) You notice your hair is becoming increasingly more and more damaged: and you are not using ANY hot tools. Also if your hair is really blonde in the middle area and also the ends, yet not up top in the root area, there is a chance your hair is having lightener applied from root to end. This means the lightener is being applied over previously lightened hair. A recipe for disaster. Especially take notice if your colorist dismisses this or tells you that you just need to trim your hair more if you want to stay blonde.

3) It looks like you got our hair done 3 weeks ago when you leave the salon.  We have all been there:  You are so happy to have your roots done, you float out of the salon full of that “I’m so Blonde even the stoplights are jealous”, then you glance (vainly) in your rearview.  Is that like a 1/2″ of regrowth? Already??  If this has happened to you and you bring it up with your colorist the next visit to no avail, you are wasting a lot of money and time. Knocking off 3-4 weeks between every visit to the salon can add up to hundreds of dollars a year.  Unfortunately, some colorists were never trained how to do highlights close to the scalp, and many do not because it takes too much time. Even worse yet is the colorist that knows by doing highlights off the scalp requires more frequent visits!

4) You are told by your colorist herself that she is moving to another state or city far away; but not to be worried he/she is going to come back to do her clients. Now: I am not saying they won’t come back for a period of time, or that they doesn’t intend on keeping all of her regular clients taken care of.  I am simply saying that this is a good time to try and find another hair colorist in your town.  Most hairdressers are used to having a hundred or more clients counting on them, and they are also used to being able to deliver on that promise.  However, when your colorist moves, its usually for a pretty big reason. One that will eventually take precedence over YOUR hair. 😉  It’s better to plan ahead and not be left in a situation where you don’t have a capable person to keep you that lovely shade of Blonde you are adored for!

5) They are acting very shady and seem as if their personality is changing, or that they are using drugs to the point it is affecting their work.  As much as I do NOT want to bring this up; I have had a lot of clients come to me after being in this situation.  I am not speaking of a hairdresser who you know parties on the weekends, which is the basis of a lot of funny stories they can tell you while in their chair.  We love our colorists who we can live vicariously through! Being an artist, a lot of haristylists are fun loving and exciting and have celebrity clients and are in turn invited to the best parties, etc… When to get concerned is more so when it starts affecting their work.  They sleep through your appointments.  They are spun out from the weekend and have trouble getting your color right, or they have money issues that require them to bring up financial difficulties to you that seem inappropriate. It’s sad as hell, but you need to know when to remove yourself from the situation. Again, its hard for me to talk about this, because I believe in second chances and also that people go through ups and downs.  If you are seeing a pattern though, its time to “abandon ship” and take care of yourself.


Again, I in no way want anyone to start surfing the city in a frenzy for new salons/hair colorists! This list is comprised to help those who have already felt one or more of these situations happening but haven’t had the guts to move on!  Remember: Instinct rues the world. If your gut says to leave, LEAVE!  If you know your colorist so well that you consider them a close friend, and you are able to instinctively judge the ups and downs of their personality and schedule, then trust that implicitly.

Here’s to ALL blondes feeling safe and heard in their colorist’s chair!! 





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