Cheat Sheet!!!

As I’ve said before, great blondes think alike.

(This is, of course, assuming that you all think like me!)

So if you don’t like spending hours getting ready and work more than you know you should, and sleep less, every minute counts!  To help with the process, I’ve compiled a short list of “cheats” that will help save time and fool everyone into thinking you have your shit together. Yay!


Cheat One: Dry Shampoo

There are many out there; and I’ve written about some of them before, but recently I have gotten my greedy little hands on one that I think works the best.

Shu Uemura “Dry Cleaner” 


This is not only a dry shampoo, it also is a dry conditioner and your hair will feel so soft and also lay correctly just as if it was really clean after using it!  My hair even feels good the next day- no weird build up or waxy or powdery dry feeling.  Spray onto scalp area or really anywhere your hair feels dirty, wait 5 minutes, then brush out. It’s bomb AF.


Cheat Two: Malibu Packets

616lmrh93rl-_sy355_This is another item I have written about… They are used to get out deposits in your hair left by smog, product, and minerals/crap from water…even (GASP) build up from overusing purple shampoo!  (WHO THE HECK DOES THAT??? LOL)

These you can use when your color feels dull and you want to brighten up your blonde, but don’t have time to go into the salon.  Please note, however, that if you have corrective toner (your hair is brassy underneath a toner that was put on to combat that), or lowlights put in with hair color (not the ones that naturally occur when the pieces in-between your highlights are left out), these packets CAN take those out.  If your hair seems to be not as ashy after use, you can always use them and then use purple shampoo right after :).

Follow directions on the box! Also, I’ve noticed that they are cheaper on the malibu professional website than on amazon.


Cheat Three: Sebastian Cellophane 

OH hell yes. Shiny shiny hair.

These are from back in the DAY.  Like think “Heathers”.  “Heathers” was the “Mean Girls” of the late 80’s.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it and get ready to have a bunch of one-liners to use in multiple situations.  It’s almost as quotable as “Mean Girls”. (She doesn’t even GO HERE!!!!!)


This stuff is fantastic.  It’s a one step clear gloss that will truly make you feel so much better if your roots are getting a tad long or you feel like your hair is kind of matte.  I had a client who used this gloss at home and when she would go to film, her hair and makeup people would always ask her if she just got her color done the day after she used it.  No joke.

Important note: Do NOT get creative and get the colored cellophanes!  I know it seems like a good idea, but it’s not!!!!  If you want a colored cellophane, sorry kids, you need to go to your colorist.


Cheat Four: Straightforward Blow Dry Oil

Okay. For those of you who are better than us and insist on washing your hair and being so much more adult than the rest of us, here is a real time-saving product!

Made by the same hair geniuses that gave us Drycleaner dry shampoo, Shu has hit it out of the park with this one.


When sprayed into wet hair, (before towel dried), you can literally see the water beading off the hair. It cuts dry time by 50% and smells amazing and also smooths and protects your hair while drying it.  We LOVE it at BLONDE/BLOND because it makes being able to see our finished product come much sooner, and you know we love to admire our own work LOL!


Okay thats it for now!  I did a study of how long blondes like to be told what to do and it seems that we lose interest after about how long this blog post is.


Here’s to sleeping in and having good hair regardless!!




8581 Santa Monica Blvd #305, West Hollywood, CA 90069



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