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I recently did an interview for The ZOE REPORT and realized its basically a how-to so I am adding it to the blog!
1. How important is “scalp detox” for healthy hair? (I.e. removing “the build-up of products, pollution, sebum and dead skin cells” with scalp masks & scrubs)
Scalp detox is something that isn’t spoken about regularly, such as, say, clarifying treatments of the actual hair. Buy scalp detox is as if not more important because this is where you hair grows from! In order to have healthy strong hair, you want to make sure it is coming from a scalp free of build ups (ew but true) that is clean healthy and ph balanced. Compare it to exfoliation of your face. How dull and clogged can your skin get on your face without exfoliation? Ever get a facial and look in the mirror and exclaim ‘WOW i should have done this a LONG time ago? Your hair will say this to you after a scalp detox!
2. How do you recommend women “detox” their scalps? How often should this treatment be performed?
Personally, I have tried a few methods, and it really depends on your personality. Do you like having a system laid out in front of you in well designed packaging with instructions and steps? Do you like a one shot woo-hoo get this show on the road I have 5 extra minutes in the shower and thats it? Do you like to go to your kitchen pantry and get out all the raw and organic ingredients because nature gives you what you need for any beauty ritual or treatment of ailments? I consider once a month to be sufficient for a woman who washes her hair 2.5 times a week on average, works out about 3 times a week, that uses either a heavyish conditioner or some type of styling product.
3. What are some of the benefits of regular “scalp detox?” Are there any risks?
Benefits are great because you immediately see and feel them! What’s better than instant gratification? Your hair will feel bouncier after and your scalp with feel CLEAN like you know the clean when you leave after a color appointment? Thats because the chemicals from the color kind of exfoliate your scalp. Notice how the blow dry is ALWAYS better than your own attempt? Part of this is because your scalp got super extra clean. Also your hair will most likely grow thicker and fuller when the build up is off your hair follicles and oils are not in the way of healthy hair growth.
The risks would be for anyone who has a scalp condition such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) or any other scalp condition that would cause any breakage or thinning of the skin on your scalp or tenderness in general. 

I bet this random lady I found on google detoxes her scalp. Just look at her flowing hair. Thats what I googled: “flowing hair”.

4. Favorite products to recommend in this category + why?
Yay hair products!! All the things you didn’t even know you NEEDED!
1) Davines Detoxifying Superactive shampoo and Detoxifying Mud. This twostep treatment is beautifully packaged and ready to give the type A customer exactly what they want. With a formula that includes clay from the spa are of Acqui Terme in Italy, they ensure this will remove any dust and smog particles that have settles onto your scalp. This also removes the surface squamous layer on your scalp which is not an easy task. (Also EW.)

2) Bumble & Bumble Scalp Detox. Quick and to the point! This fizzing foam that they say themselves is “like pop rocks on your scalp” uses micellar water and salicylic acid to remove debris and overloaded styling products. Use before shampooing in the shower, you only need to leave it on for 3 minutes!


I bet this random lady I found on the internet does NOT detox her scalp. And now she has to borrow a fake pony from her blonde sister. Who has always been more popular and smart.

3) Get your self to the kitchen, natural mamma! Or papa! Get some Himalayan pink salt, some raw apple cider vinegar, some coconut or olive oil, and some honey. Mix in a container (table spoon of everything besides the salon which would be about 1/4 cup), and apply on freshly washed wet hair. Massage away and let sit for 10-15 min. Do some deep breathing and picture all impurities dropping from your scalp, and rinse.
4) Recently, I found out of R+Co’s Acid Wash which is technically a clarifying shampoo but has properties that will also cleanse the scalp extra!
5) Good Ol’ Fashioned Malibu Packets! You know we love that shit over here!!!!
8581 Santa Monica Blvd #305, West Hollywood, CA 90069

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