To Live And Blonde In L.A.

It’s true. Not everyone is blonde in Los Angeles so there are bound to be some issues with certain establishments. Like: The Korean spas I frequent do not offer purple shampoo along with the regular shampoo and conditioner!!!  Like they WANT our hair to be brassy. This is not NYC, where I do not need purple shampoo. I am frequently in NYC and my hair looks so effing good when I’m there, that I am considering moving there just for that reason alone…!

So pretty much I have compiled a list of “blonde-friendly” places for us all to patronize. Cause I’m good like that.

1) The Hair Shop 

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You come here to buy hair! And then you can tell everyone its “yours” because you bought it. Clip in’s, (including clip-in bangs, yay!), strand by strand extensions, ombre extensions, they have it all here. Just make sure to bring whatever you’re going to buy outside to check the shades in the natural light because there’s a good chance it won’t look the same.

2) Wilshire Beauty

On Wilshire Blvd and Cloverdale, for professional products that you would usually have to “salon-hop” to find. They also have a bunch of facial products I love!

3) Shaver Emporium

On Melrose and Ardmore, for re-vamped dryers and irons… Also you can drop off a blow drier or hot iron of any kind to be fixed when it stops working! These guys are amazing. Usual cost is $35$-50 to get something repaired. So much cheaper than replacing, and better to not waste things and send them to a landfill!

4)  Whole Foods

For Futurebotics Hair Skin & Nails supplements. I’m sure we could order online, but I know they are legit here.

5) DryBar

Come here for a “moisture shot” at the shampoo bowl and blow out… (Make sure to ask for no metal brushes!!!)
Alright my Blonde-Counterparts,

Love You, Mean It.

Caitlin the Wizard of Angeleno Blondes ❤ !


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