Drugs; the kind from your Doctor.


“Oh my god I can’t believe I ate that entire bag…You should of told me it was for us to share!”-girl on right  “In about 30 minutes I’m going to ditch your high AF ass”-girl on left

Hey all!

To clarify, the drugs I’m speaking of are not the kind you do at Coachella…..! I’m covering actual prescription drugs you take for an ailment or disease! (However its funny to reference the music festival anyways, lol !)

Drugs work. They do. But they do so by changing the chemical make-up of certain parts of our bodies… Your hair is on your body.

During a hair consultation, your colorist SHOULD be asking you a LOT of questions… At least I hope they are!  I myself ask like 4000 questions to a new client, but in case your colorist isn’t as nosy as I am, I wanted to share with you all something you would need to bring up yourself if not asked.




Most people take dugs because they work!

I’m sure most of us would be warned previously to taking a prescription medication, (by either your Doc, P.A., Nurse, or Pharmacist), but sometimes in the frenzy of a new medical condition and all of it’s information we can lose track of details. Or maybe your pharmacist doesn’t get highlights so she/he wouldn’t think to tell you this. You should actually tweet the pharmacy #goblondeorgohome as a subtle suggestion.

SO: If you are prescribed and taking as directed any medications, please inform your hair colorist! We of course, are not in the medical field, but are usually aware of a lot of drugs that have affected clients color in the past.

This list may not be complete, but here are some big ones that I have seen make a difference. 


ALL Hormone medications (including, but not limited to hormone replacement therapy and some types of birth control if you have just started taking them or have just stopped), should be brought to your colorist’s attention.

Thyroid medications

Chemotherapy medications

Stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin (these affect more the dryness and brittleness of your hair, which is HUGE when you are lifting hair to BLONDE).

Accutane  (also known as Amnesteem, Claravis, Sotret) reduces oil/sebum in your hair follicles so it can make your scalp sensitive and your hair drier than usual. Most concerns for this acne drug is the potential for hair loss, so take care of the hair you got!


Especially for clients who are on or have just finished a round of chemo, talking about it can feel like the last thing you want to do when meeting a new person in your life.  The possibility of being able to have normal conversation without the questions about your condition probably sounds glorious, but sorry kiddos, we gotta know.  Preface the information with a quick request that you don’t really feel like getting into it today, and your professional should get the hint.  We good at reading people and shit ;). Its half our job! (This goes for all other conditions that all y’all blondes are sick of talking about too! Give a quick run down and then subject change!)


Here’s to all clients having the guts to be upfront and honest about stuff they gotta take!

In Love and Health,



*Please note I do not know enough information to include Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, or other types of naturopathic medicine. I personally believe these are as important as western medicine, and use them in conjunction for almost all of my ailments and preventative measures! If you don’t know about them, take some time to look into it. They have been around for thousands of years.




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