Breaking Your Bad Ponytail Habit!

Whats up Blondies! 

If you all are anything like me, you have a serious habit of throwing your hair up throughout the day– or all day.

Of course it looks cute!  What’s better than that casual “I woke up like this” hair-do?  After all, we’ve put enough effort into the botox, fillers, spray tans, Sunday Riley skincare, etc.  This woman does NOT need to have my hair done every day.

The problem with constantly putting your blonde AF hair up is that there are some serious consequences if you are not doing it safely!  Let me give you the most important examples and then tell you the solutions!


First Problem:

What you’re tying your hair up with.  I personally really like the shade of red that whole foods wraps their to go containers from the deli with.  However using said tie to put my hair up in a top knot is no bueno!  And i know you know this… but some of those elastic made-for-hair-ties are almost as bad.  Think the ties that are meant for exercising: non-slip, sweat-proof, etc.  The silicone sticky part that grips your hair also RIPS your hair.

Throw that shit out, yo!  Below is NOT a friend of blondes.



First Solution:


Try these lovely blonde hued pony-holders instead!  **Will they keep your hair as tight and pulled against your head??  Hell no, of course they won’t!  (But this I will explain in the next problem/solution.)

* secret tip for a tight pony using these holders: do a half up pony first, then a second at the base on your neck, incorporating the bottom of the top pony

Sephora is a good go-to for both of these helpful holders, (of course).

images-1         unknown-1

I call them the phone cord tie and the knotted ribbon elastic tie.  Apparently I’m not that creative when it comes to naming ponytail holders…. -_-


Second Problem:

Anchoring your ponytail/top-knot/bun.

“Anchoring” refers to the center of your ponytail or bun, underneath the tie you’re using, that is the part of your hair that has the tightest hold on it to keep your ponytail or bun centered and help tight against your head.

“Anchors” are blonde kryptonite!  The constant pulling in the same spot, followed by slippage of the tie, (only pulling on the anchoring area to try and fight gravity), then followed by re-putting-up the pony?  It wears down your hair over time, and if you live in LA, then you end up seeing breakage quickly.  Your hair may lay weird, your cowlick may separate more and make you subconscious about your roots in the back… You may feel like the back of your head is flat.


Second Solution:

Move that bun or ponytail AROUND! 

This is pretty self explanatory.  I personally try to keep my ponytail or bun different for different activities.  At home, I wear it at the base of my neck, when running I do the middle of the back of my head, and at work I do a top-knot.  However, half the time I’m at work I do the base of my neck because let’s face it I work a LOT more than I run or workout LOL.


***Also another thing to think about***

For the areas I anchor my hair or have it mostly up, I use a anti-damage lotion in that particular area on my hair when it’s wet right after washing.  That gives it a little more help against the future abuse that will incur.  Because we all know we aren’t always the nicest we could be to our lovely blonde locks!  12414671_0340_0340 I personally have been using Shu Uemura dual-chambered Ultimate Remedy.  It’s actually making a huge difference and I can tell my “anchor” area of my top-knot isn’t snapping or breaking as much :).



Another Reminder!!! 

Putting up wet hair in a tight bun or pony and leaving it up while it dries is super bad for your hair!  Especially if it is wet with sweat from working out!  The hair dries kinked where the anchor or hair tie is and will bend the cuticle while it dries which causes damage over time. 


Problem Three:

Bends in yer hair/kinks/hairband lines.

I actually just tried to take down my ponytail to snap a shot to use in this part of the post, but for the FIRST TIME EVER my ponytail lines actually looked cute and on purpose… Murphy’s Law.

Anyways, we all know what I’m talking about.  Besides the aesthetic offense, the real reason the kink or line is a problem is that I know you guys get lazy and flat iron them away!  Don’t lie!  I KNOW you do LOL!


Solution Three:

Shu Uemura Drycleaner Dry Shampoo.  And a blowdryer and round brush.

Yes, I’m bringing up Drycleaner dry shampoo again.  It is just SO good!


First, make sure all of your hair is dry, spray the Drycleaner lightly all over, but concentrate on the parts with lines or kinks from your hair being up.  Wait a few minutes, brush OUT the Drycleaner, and then use a round brush with a blow dryer (AND NOZZLE) to smooth out the kinks.

Yes. This is better for your hair than a flat iron!  Plus the conditioner in the Drycleaner will soften and make it much easier to get out the bump(s).  Your hair will thank you for not running a flat iron over your highlights.  It really will.


Okay Kiddos!

Any other questions about hair ties or how to tie up your hair nicely, feel free to mention them in the comments!  After all let be realistic: life requires putting your hair up.



Caitlin With The Top-Knot ♥♥♥♥



8581 Santa Monica Blvd #305, West Hollywood, CA 90069





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