How Instagram is Creating Hair Disasters

What could possibly create the perfect hair disaster?


Where do you get unrealistic expectations?


If anyone thought that body image was destroyed due to super models and airbrushing, then they hadn’t had a second to delve into hair color with filters on them.

Its not that your colorist isn’t talented and able; it’s that every single thing you’ve done to your hair is affecting how and if you can get that color you saw on that bloggers post. 

“That color you saw on that bloggers post”

We WISH we could get you that white ended bleachy balayage! In fact, we will get you within one shade! But GIRL you dyed your hair pink and purple for Coachella and it god knows why faded to orange but thats actually a thing! We aint sayin’ it won’t get white but we definitely can’t say it will. 

Disaster happens when you don’t fully detail your hair’s history to your colorist and don’t have a realistic idea of what shade of blonde your hair can safely be lifted to.  Here’s some information and tips to help you stray from any perceived disaster!



LOVE everything about this hair but extensions are most likely a factor

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when trying to get that perfect blonde you’ve seen all over the IG:

  1. Do you have old hair color of ANY kind on you hair? (Even if its faded?)
  2. Does the picture show a person with much more hair than you? (It’s probably extensions)
  3. Is your natural hair color a super dark brown? (Some natural dark brown and black hair colors can lift to white no problem, some can’t!)
  4. Does the picture you’re using as inspo have a lot of filters and/or photoshopping/facetuning done on it? (It can be hard to tell if it does or not- ask your colorist their opinion!)
  5. Lastly, have you considered how the actual tone of hair would look with YOUR complexion and shape of face or eye color? (Sometimes even the body on a hair model can be what we are wishing for- not the hair itself!)


Here’s a list of things you can do to help yourself and your colorist get on track to getting the blonde of your dreams onto your pretty little head:

  1. Be super super clear and honest about past hair treatments/color! (That toner 6 years ago? TELL THEM! The “wash out” keratin treatment 2 years ago? Also important!)
  2. Look at the amount and volume of hair you have… Are your ends thin? Is your hair thinner up top near your scalp and thicker towards the bottom? (Be realistic and know that no matter what theres always a trick to “fix” whatever trait is opposite of what you want! Dont be embarrassed- your colorist is here to help. If you feel belittled or ignored, see the post about when its time to change haircolorists.) AND don’t forget! Extensions are a girls best friend! Whether clip ins or permanent 🙂
  3. IF your hair is super dark naturally, don’t just assume that if you want white blonde it’s the only blonde you would love. You’d be surprised at the amount of clients that actually want their hair toned down after achieving the super “white blonde” we are speaking of! (Take the time to look through many shades of blonde hair on models/people that have your complexion and eye color and also eyebrow color– there’s more than one shade that can be considered “perfect”!)


    Maybe not her real hair LOL

  4. Save the pictures you love- but make sure to ALSO ask your colorist (or a photographer friend if you have one) how many filters and photoshopping/lighting tricks were used to create the final look!
  5. Color swatches and wigs!!! If you don’t know what you’d look like with a certain tone of hair— play around with the shade next to your face! We even use extension swatches, because they’re usually longer pieces of hair, to show clients what they’d look like with certain colors next to their skin. (Always ask colorists to show you a swatch of the hair color you are discussing, but please note if they are using color swatches from hair dye books, it may not be a large enough swatch to show you exactly what it would look like overall.)


Lastly, it doesn’t HURT to collect images of your dream hair!

Just make sure to also screenshot some that are a little varied from your dream hair! The more inspo pics the BETTER!!!


❤ and ALL things BLONDE!!!

Caitlin xo


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